Klen Laundroworks

Campus Laundry Solutions

Campus laundry refers to the laundry services available on college and university campuses for students, faculty and staff members. Many educational institutions provide on-campus laundry facilities or partner with external laundry service providers to meet the laundry needs of their campus community.

Klèn LAUNDROWORKS® is a pioneer in Campus laundry services across India at various residential schools, colleges and universities. Our aim is to provide a convenient and efficient solution for students and staff members to manage their laundry needs in great comfort while living or working on campus.

The residents can access the washing machines by establishing their ID and opt for the services. The washing equipment used is energy efficient and technologically advanced facilitating a hassle-free laundry experience.


  • Convenient timings for accessing the washing machines
  • Pocket-friendly charges
  • Fully-automatic machines with dryers
  • Separate machines for comforters, blankets and bed sheets
  • Quick assistance available for guiding the students

If you want your campus to experience an end-to-end laundry solution then opt-in for our campus laundry solutions which boasts of energy-efficient machines, eco-friendly detergent options and water-saving initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of campus laundry operations.

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