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Commercial laundry

Commercial laundry refers to the process of washing, drying and ironing large volumes of laundry items in a professional setting. It typically involves the cleaning of linens, towels, uniforms and other garments used in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, fitness centers and more.

Klèn LAUNDROWORKS® is a one stop solution for individuals and corporates who want to setup a commercial laundry. We help our clients to take a well informed decision in selecting the right kind of machines for their specific business needs.

We at Klèn LAUNDROWORKS® specialise our consultation in Commercial Laundry space such as –

  • Operational Cost and wash cycle efficiency
  • Quality and consistency
  • Plant setup and capacity planning
  • Laundry chemicals and detergents  
  • Compliance and industry regulations

Whether it is outsourcing laundry needs or operating an in-house facility, Klèn LAUNDROWORKS® plays a vital role in guiding all its customers in ensuring efficiency and productivity at different levels of operations.

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